Business Plan

No matter why you will require business plan for i.e. bank loans, apply for businessperson visa under ECAA2 (Ankara Agreement), we provide quality and well tailored business plans that will meet your requirements in full.


Providing accurate and efficient bookkeeping services for our clients is one of our top goals where it will lead our firm to analyse the necessary parameters to decide appropriate tax planning for our clients therefore this services is extremely important for our firm.

Self Assessment

Self assessment is not only important to keep with taxation regulations but also very important for clients too to ensure that they can claim back any overpaid taxes. With simple taxation plan, we offer self assessment services for all small, medium and large business owners as well as those clients who intend to have an organised personal tax file. No matter if you are a landlord, director of a company or even an employee working for multiple payrolls, our self assessment service will make your life easier than before.

Corporation Tax

Any Limited Company based in the UK, will have to file their accounts every year to Companies House and HMRC. With multiple deadlines of Accounts, Annual Return and Corporation Tax Returns, it is sometimes extremely difficult to catch the deadline and complete returns. All you have to do is provide us your documents, we do the rest. We organise your documents in order, bookkeeping and complete accounts; as final step we file all necessary returns. If one of these steps are missed, you will be facing hundreds of pounds in terms of penalty.


With extremely fast changing rules, each employer is now under pressure of filing Real Time Filing every single month. Furthermore, with Workplace Pension Regulator, it is even harder for an employer not to miss any deadline. On top of these, providing an original payslip document for staff is another headache for employers. With a-z payroll services, we do our best so both parties, employers and employees are both satisfied.


Once your business is registered with VAT, our firm will do bookkeeping and filing for your VAT quarters. It is extremely important to have a stable VAT ratios and having correct VAT scheme will save your firm hundreds or even thousands of pound every year. Without breaking any regulations or rules, we will do our best to plan your VAT returns to save your business more than you pay to your accountant.

ECAA2 (Ankara Agreement)

This agreement allows Turkish citizens to have their own businesses based in the UK. Working with multiple solicitors, we have now gained extremely high level of experience where we will be proving excellent accountancy services. Please call Mr Ali Doldur for more information or book an appointment to discuss face to face.